Free Vending

Our most popular option is simply to have vending machines installed at your facility at no cost to you. We take care of the re-stocking, service and maintenance of the vending equipment.

Commission Based Vending

Chromolume Vending provides the vending equipment, refills the product and takes care of all maintenance issues. In this scenario your company will get a monthly commission check at the end of the month. The commission option is accompanied by a small increase in pricing usually no more than a 5¢ depending on the percentage of the commission. A monthly statement of sales will be provided clearly showing how much product is moving at your facility.

Service Areas

We provide vending service to across the Los Angeles Basin and beyond:

  • Los Angeles County

  • Orange County

  • Riverside County

  • San Bernardino County

  • Ventura County
  • If you are located within our service area as described above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will promptly come out meet with you and put together a specific vending proposal to fit your needs.

    Phone: (310) 209-8825