Machines & Maintenance


Chromolume Vending operates on a 24/7 basis. We pride ourselves on a quick response to your inquiries and issues at your company and we guarantee that somebody will be at your facility in case of emergency within a few short hours regardless of time of day or night.

Our Route Drivers have been trained to handle a variety of common service problems and to monitor certain components for signs of wear and tear before they become a problem. Our Route Drivers also conduct monthly inspections of all our equipment on your premises to ensure uninterrupted service.

Although our preventative maintenance keeps "service calls" at a minimum, should you have an issue, contact us and our Service Technicians will be out to you as soon as possible to diagnose and correct the problem.


We have several different types of machines for your office depending on the amount of space you have.

  • Soda Machines

  • Snack & Candy Machines

  • Combo Soda/Snack Machines

  • Soda Machines

    Our equipment is stocked regularly with your favorite cold drinks, whether they be sodas, colas, water or juices, from 6-selection to 10-selection machines and more.

    Snack & Candy Machines

    Our equipment is stocked regularly with your favorite snacks from candy and chips to healthly selections with as many as 30 different choices depending on the machine.

    Combo Soda/Snack Machines

    The Combo Machines are perfect for small spaces and still offer a big variety of fresh selections. You can mix and match your choice of Snacks and Fresh Foods or Cold Beverages and Snacks.